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Unparalleled Craftsmanship

American Music Furniture protects your valuable
collection, your way. And in style.

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Attention To Detail

We never stop until everything is perfect.

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Artisan Crafted

Our designers and craftsman come with years
of hands-on woodworking experience.

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For us it's Personal

We want you to be more than happy, so great customer
service is what it's all about. Contact us!

Welcome to American Music Furniture

Premium hand crafted, solid hard wood furniture for home and studio applications.  Our products are 100% crafted in our workshop in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania by people that love musical instruments as much as you do.

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Artisan Crafted

We’re musicians, and we make furniture. We know wood, finishes, and the importance of quality workmanship. Our furniture is designed to protect your instruments, and make them easily accessible so they get played. We see guitars, mandolins and other instruments not just as tools or investments. We see them as art. We spend time with you understanding specifically what you need for your collection. As a result, most of our cabinets have some level of customization. We want you to treasure the furniture we build in the same way you treasure your musical instruments.

Solid Hardwood

Starting as rough-cut walnut, cherry or maple, each board is hand selected by our craftsmen for beauty and placement in the cabinet. Premium and vintage/reclaimed woods are also available. We don’t have accountants telling us to do it cheaper. We have guitar players telling us to do it right. A fine guitar collection deserves to be displayed in a cabinet built with the same care, materials and finishes as the instruments inside it. There are no short cuts to quality. If it’s not right, it’s redone. We’re a company making solid wood furniture the old way.

Premium Technology

Wooden stringed instruments need to be kept at a constant 50% relative humidity. From our humidifiers and dehumidifiers to our patent-pending door design, every aspect of our technology has been carefully selected for optimal protection of your instruments. Before we use a technology, we test it, check out the manufacturer, and make sure it’s right, and that it operates as claimed. We have also created our own technologies and have filed for two patents.

Our Products

Guitar Habitat®- Humidity Controlled Guitar Cabinet

The Guitar Habitat® has been specifically designed to preserve your instruments, while keeping them close at hand for easy access.  Each cabinet displays the instruments beautifully in the glow of rheostat controlled LED lighting. Cabinets are lined with aromatic cedar, which wicks moisture, and aids in stabilizing the humidity level in the cabinet.  Humidifiers are hidden beneath the floor of the cabinet.  Dehumidifiers are small ionic membranes installed in the back wall of the cabinet. A single controller manages both the humidifier and dehumidifier.  Click to learn more about the full list of features which come with every Guitar Habitat®

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300x300 Large Amp Cab

Amplifier Cabinet

The Amplifier Cabinet is for musicians that have a limited amount of space in their music room or studio.   In addition to amplifiers, we collect effects, books, capos, cables, straps and various other music gear, that often ends up on top of our amplifiers.  The Amplifier cabinet lets you keep your amps close at hand, and provides surge protected, filtered, clean power.  When you want to use an amp, you simply pull it out on an easy to slide platform.  All your gear can go on the shelves above the amps.  Our Amplifier Cabinets can be ordered in one or two amp version to fit almost any combo amp.  One and two amplifier configurations are available.

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Recording Desk

Recording desks have become a standard requirement for anyone serious about doing home recording.  You need something that holds your rack-mounted gear, has enough depth for your mixing board, and has room for you monitor speakers and display.   Want a desk made of beautiful wood that is sized to your specifications?  That’s what we do.

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Product Galleries

“”Awesome cabinet!  I returned home from our 3 week trip to find constant 50%
humidity, through some of the coldest weather New England has had in recent memory.
It’s now over 3 weeks and I still see 1 1/2” of water in the humidifier
pan–could have stayed away another couple weeks!  – Ken, Rhode Island

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