New Web site for American Music Furniture Company, LLC

New Web site for American Music Furniture Company, LLC

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We’ve put a lot of work into launching our new Web site.  We hope you like it.  If you find any links that don’t work, please let us know!

   "Awesome cabinet! I returned home from our 3 week trip to find constant 50% humidity, through some of the coldest weather N.E. has had in recent memory."   

We love it when we make a client happy….

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OK, I was a little nervous… We have a number of clients that are professional musicians and leave their treasured guitars that don’t go on the road in their Guitar Habitat™ at home.  But this was the first time a client had planned a lengthy trip the day after his cabinet arrived.  Ken lives in Rhode Island and we delivered a medium cabinet to his home studio the day before he was leaving for three weeks.  His treasured acoustics that don’t go on the road were going in the cabinet in the coldest January we’d had in the Northeast in 20 years. We build great cabinets and use the best technology we can find, but we usually have a client live with their cabinet for a few weeks before they leave it to do it’s job.  Here’s the message we got from Ken when he returned: “Awesome cabinet!  I returned

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This is how our cabinets begin…

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We hand select from one of the best sources of American Black Walnut and Cherry We love picking out wood.  We’re fortunate to be only a few miles from our primary supplier.  Every time I go there I get ideas for new things to do with their incredible wood.

Doing stain samples today in the 90’s and about 700% humidity….

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We’ll wait until tomorrow to put finish on, but we’ve got several customers wanting a dark cherry… Time to get out the syringe and mix up some small batches of stain.  Doing tests with lacquer and oil finish.  Somebody please send us some cool dry weather.  It’s hot and I’m starting to feel like a mad scientist mixing cherry stains and dyes.