Danny Flowers talks about songwriting…

Danny Flowers talks about songwriting…

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Danny is a great songwriter, and well known for his hit “Living on Tulsa Time” recorded by Eric Clapton.  He does a nice job of describing songwriting here.   He is sometimes a guest teacher at the Darrell Scott Songfood workshops. Just got one of his guitars from Carter Vintage, our distributor in Nashville.  Hope some of that great mojo translates to my song writing.

Beautiful lap steel, Ed Gerhard and a Wissenborn.

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The old Weissenborn Koa Lap Steels have such a wonderful tone.

Our small humidified guitar cabinet…with mandolin

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We delivered one of our small cabinets to a customer from Carter Vintage Guitars during the NAMM show a few weeks back.  He was kind enough to send us an email with photos of the new cabinet in place in his home.  This is our most basic cabinet with solid wood sides (in this case black walnut), and no drawers, but the wood is really beautiful, and he’s squeezed in four guitars and a mandolin.

These cabinets are available in walnut or cherry starting at $1,995.   Hand built in solid wood, with a one quart humidifier.  Here’s what the new owner had to say:

“I love this product.  I think it fills a real need in the market and is a great value.  I hope you are very successful.
BTW – I’ve worked in the furniture industry for more than three decades. I really appreciate this kind of product and especially the attention to your customers’ specific needs. It is very refreshing! Keep it up!”

-John, Tennessee

Thanks John.  Glad we could build it for you.

Sarah Jarosz - "Build Me Up From Bones" (Fretboard Journal) from fretboardjournal on Vimeo.

Octave mandolin with Sarah Jarosz

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I’m not sure what they put in the water up there at the New England Conservatory of Music, but between Sarah Jarosz and Lake Street Dive, I’m real impressed with some of their graduates.  Here Sarah is playing an octave mandolin.  An octave mandolin is tuned just like a regular mandolin, but is an octave lower.  It’s similar in size to a mandocello, but tuned differently.  The octave mandolin is tuned GDAE (low to high), and the mandocello is CGDA. I love all the instruments in the mandolin family.  Enjoy. Thanks to Fretboard Journal for recording some wonderful artist videos.

John Hiatt - 'Long Time Coming' (Solo) from fretboardjournal on Vimeo.

Guitar connection with John Hiatt

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John Hiatt is one of our great singer songwriters.  Here he plays a bit and talks about connecting with his vintage Gibson LG2.  Beautiful old guitar. I understand.  Sometimes you meet that guitar that you just have to have.  Mine came when I was broke.  Luckily I had a friend I could call.  I told him “I found this incredible guitar.  One of us has to buy it and I don’t have any money”  Luckily he bought it, and in a few years, I traded him another guitar for it.  It’s a 1937 Gibson HG-00 in maple.  When you have a guitar that’s a keeper…well you keep it. I guess that’s why we started building cabinets.  We love guitars, and maybe a few of them will be a little more pristine than they otherwise would have been a few decades from now.  Whether you buy one of our cabinets or

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Summer humidity can damage your guitar

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Generally running air conditioning in your home will keep your guitars around 50% relative humidity.  However, If you happen to live where it’s cool enough in the summer that you live with the windows open you can have as much damage from too much humidity as from too little.  In Pennsylvania this morning it was 70 degrees and 80% relative humidity.  At that humidity level guitar tops will swell and ultimately pull the top away from the braces.

If you live in a location with too much humidity, we offer a dehumidifier that will keep your instruments at 50% relative humidity.   It’s a membrane technology that doesn’t require a water tank, so it can operate without you needing to empty a water container.

Think there aren’t any great new bands? Think again… Lake Street Dive

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Facebook has become the radio station of the 2010’s.   A few years ago the Civil Wars went from unknown to Grammy winners by having their video go viral on Facebook.  Now there is Lake Street Dive.  To quote Devon Allman “Totally Badass” These guys are selling out every venue, and just performed with Mavis Staples at Newport.  If you get a chance to see them, one word of advice…GO  

Music can make a change….

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This one is from Germany.  A homeless man, and three musicians that make his day, just by playing a song.  Nicely done.

Cream - Royal Albert Hall 2005 - Crossroads from Jubal Harshaw on Vimeo.

Cream, what was your first concert?

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We all have first concert stories.  My first concert was Cream.  It was their “farewell tour” in Houston, Texas.  All these years later, I’m still a fan.  It was great to see them together, even if it was only for a few shows in 2005.   What was your first concert?

Carter Vintage Guitars win NAMM best exterior award

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You may have already seen the beautiful murals on the exterior of Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville.  On the south wall they have a 150 foot long Les Paul guitar, and on the north wall, a beautiful painting of Mother Maybelle and her L5.  They are a wonderful dealer for American Music Furniture, and have been invaluable to us with advice and knowledge of the industry.

Congratulations Christie and Walter!

Special on floor model 10 guitar cabinet at Carter Vintage Guitars

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We have a special deal at on one of our big cabinets at Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville. We’ve had a 10 guitar cabinet in Walnut like this one that has been in their “high end” room full of beautiful vintage instruments since last year. We’re making them a new one with our new PAF doors, and cork covered rails and neck rest. This unit has our old style neck pegs and rails covered in brown suede, so it needs to find a home.

So, we and Carter Vintage Guitars are selling this one for a discounted price of $3,995. That’s $1000 off the price of a new cabinet, and you don’t have to wait four months to get one! Contact Christie Carter at Carter Vintage Guitars at (615) 915-1851.

Note, this price doesn’t include shipping, but we’re happy to provide you with a shipping quote, or just drive over to Carter Vintage and pick it up.

Article on heat damage to your guitar

Keep your guitar out of your car in the summer!

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Every summer we hear of the terrible stories of children and pets left in cars that are severely injured or die from the heat while someone makes a “quick” trip inside a store.   This heat is just as lethal to your guitars.  Two things to remember:


Here’s a great article on it from Gryphon Strings Web site.  Click on the link above.

NAMM weekend at Carter Vintage Guitars

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We love spending time at Carter Vintage Guitars.   For us, it’s wonderful to talk to fellow musicians about guitars, mandolins, humidity, and taking care of instruments.  During the NAMM show, we spent our time at Carter Vintage Guitars, our dealer in Nashville.   On Sunday afternoon our buddy Verlon Thompson stopped by to say hello and have a look at the new customer cabinet that we’d just delivered.    We’ll be having Verlon for a house concert August 17th, and are really looking forward to that.  If you’re in the area and would like to attend on of our house concerts, give us a call.  

www.vintagemartin.com is a place you’ll want to know

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The www.vintagemartin.com web site was put together by Robert Corwin, a very talented photographer, collector and Martin guitar expert.  In addition to the articles and beautiful photographs of old Martins, it’s got very useful links like “Obtaining proper permits for shipping vintage instruments overseas from the USA”. Mr. Corwin has done this for free, and obviously has a passion for old Martins.  I agree with him.  There is something really special about the old guitars from C.F. Martin.  I don’t have one at the moment, but I hope to again some day. Enjoy, and thanks Robert Corwin for a great Web site.

Rest in Peace Johnny Winter

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Some great bluesmen have come out of Texas, and Johnny was certainly one of them.  I saw him a few times in recent years, and he gave a good show…but to really capture his talent you have to go back to the early days.  Here’s some vintage Johnny.  

Eight Miles High, Leo Kottke

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Nice version.  Enjoy.

Great old Little Feat with Lowell George

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One of my favorites from the original line up.    

Our “PAF” (patent applied for) door design

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An obvious concern when building a humidified or dehumidified cabinet is that the humidity level inside the cabinet can be significantly higher or lower than the ambient humidity level in the room the cabinet is located in. Since the cabinets are made of solid wood, they face some of the same challenges as the guitars they protect.  The cabinet door frames can easily warp from being very dry on one side of the door, and very moist on the other. We cut our door sides into three strips and turn the center strip so that the wood grain goes a different direction to reduce warping.  However that alone isn’t always enough.   To avoid warping, the door needs to allow the humidity level in the cabinet to saturate the door frame.  To facilitate this, we designed a door with channels and vents to saturate the door with the humidity level

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Louvin Brothers - I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby from James Power on Vimeo.

Happy birthday to Charlie Louvin

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The Louvin Brothers wrote such wonderful songs, and really nailed the harmonies that were later used by the Everly’s and many other groups.  Here they are in a 1956 clip from the Opry.  Happy 87th Birthday Charlie.  We sure do love your music.