Tedeschi-Trucks, Taj and Jerry Douglas

Tedeschi-Trucks, Taj and Jerry Douglas

3 years ago 2 0 2484

Backstage rehearsal of Leavin’ Trunk from the Beacon Theater last weekend.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Like being a fly on the wall.

Darrell Scott, Candle for a Cowboy

3 years ago 2 0 2336

Darrell is one of the truly great singer songwriters.  He paints really beautiful three minute movies in your head with each tune.   He’s also a great cook, and knows where to find a good cup of coffee in Nashville.

Aoife O’Donovan, “Oh Mama”

3 years ago 1 0 2101

Well I’ll admit it.  She charms the heck out of me.  Her voice is like something from another time and place.  I first came across her in Goat Rodeo where she was the voice paired with some of the greatest players in the world.   Here she is with a guitar in a gondola.

The Band…They really were THE Band

3 years ago 1 0 2048

Other than the Beatles, I can’t think of a more influential group of musicians from my generation.  With Rick, Richard and Levon gone now, we can only capture the spirit of their music in the work of Amy Helm, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Jim Weider and others that centered their talents and hearts around Levon’s barn in Woodstock.   But it’s great to go back and see the real deal.  Here they are in their prime.  Wow, what great music, and great musicians.  They really did invent what we now call Americana.

Ruston Kelly-I think you’re going to hear a lot from him

3 years ago 1 0 1972

We ran across Ruston Kelly as the opening act for John Hiatt last night and he was terrific in every respect.  In what was normally a quiet older crowd in small town Eastern Pennsylvania, he had everyone involved, bantering back and forth, and laughing… and the music was outstanding.  Ruston is a really great young singer songwriter from Nashville.  I’m predicting he’s one you’ll still be listening to years from now.

The Woodstock Luthier’s Invitational Showcase 2014

3 years ago 0 0 1876

We are delighted to again be attending the Woodstock Luthier’s Invitational Showcase on October 25th and 26th.  This is the premiere custom guitar show this year.  You do not want to miss it.   They’ll have:

  • The best luthiers in the world
  • Some incredible live music
  • Amazing guitars
  • Beautiful tone woods
  • Great guitar related products

Come on up to Woodstock and say hi.  We’ll have a Guitar Habitat™, and the now famous 1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Radio Grande along with us.  We hope to see you there.

Roger Ridley -you’ve heard him

3 years ago 1 0 1873

You don’t know Roger Ridley, but you probably know the Playing for Change videos that have been circulating around the world for many years.  He’s the voice that started it on “Stand by Me”.   They’ve gone back and video tapped him doing “Tears On My Pillow”, and what a voice.  I don’t know about you, but I’d buy a ticket to see him.

Thanks Roger and Playing for Change for making the world a little better place…even if it’s only for three minutes at a time.

Thile and Meyer beautiful video

3 years ago 2 0 1727

Geniuses.  They invent their own musical style and take their instruments to places no one has imagined.

Thile and Meyer Bass and Mandolin…

3 years ago 1 0 1762

Two amazing artists.  Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer are incomparable.  What do you call this music?  Jazz? Americana?  I don’t know, except that it’s exceptional.  Dream job? ….one of these guys ordering a cabinet for their instruments.

The Wind Cries Mary….on acoustic

3 years ago 1 0 1857

I often play Little Wing on acoustic…now I’ve got another one to learn.  Beautifully done here by Stefano Barbati.  I do love guitars, and when I hear one played this well it reinvigorates my desire to build cabinets to put them in.  Off to work now…enjoy