American Music Furniture announces The String Habitat™

American Music Furniture announces The String Habitat™

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The first String Habitat™ cabinet was unveiled at Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville during Summer NAMM.  The String Habitat™ is a humidity controlled cabinet designed to store and display small stringed instruments like mandolins, mandolas, ukuleles, fiddles and violins.  The new String Habitat™ is similar in style to the Guitar Habitat® that American Music Furniture has been shipping since 2013,  but is shorter and more shallow in depth.  The top and sides of the String Habitat™ on display were enhanced with stained glass, which is available as an option on all American Music Furniture products.


American Music Furniture a sponsor at Fretboard Summit 2016

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We are pleased to participate as a sponsor at the Fretboard Summit October 14-16, 2016 in San Diego.  Guitar Habitat® cabinets will be on view, and we’re sponsoring a beer tasting.  For details and tickets visit The Fretboard Summit is a gathering like no other. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet some of the world’s greatest guitarmakers (2015’s event included talks from Bill Collings, Richard Hoover, Dana Bourgeois, Paul Reed Smith, Rick Turner and Jeff Traugott), hear some of the most inspiring music being made today and network with fellow guitar fanatics and professionals. The entire weekend has been carefully curated by the staff of the Fretboard Journal and features some of our magazine’s favorite subjects and contributors. Beyond the above, we’ll be taking over the resort and filling it with guitar demonstrations, interview stages, lesson rooms, pop-up museums and spaces for jamming.

Guitar Habitat® delivered to Wayne Henderson

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On June 10, 2016 American Music Furniture Company co-founder Darrell Jennings delivered a Guitar Habitat® to Wayne Henderson at his home in Mouth of Wilson, VA.   Wayne is a world renowned luthier. Henderson’s guitars are inspired by the great pre-World War II guitars of C.F. Martin & Company, and are hand-built in limited quantities; by October 2012, over five hundred Henderson guitars had been constructed. In a 1995 White House ceremony, he was awarded a National Heritage Fellowship[1] in recognition of his extraordinary instrument-making. The book Clapton’s Guitar: Watching Wayne Henderson Build the Perfect Instrument (2005) outlined the process by which Henderson built a guitar for Eric Clapton.[2] In 2008 he was the subject of an Appalshop documentary, From Wood to Singing Guitar. We are extremely honored to have Wayne’s guitars on display in one of our Guitar Habitat® cabinets.

Modular Guitar Habitat® for large guitar collections

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Some of our customers have large guitar collections, and limited space to store them in. For them, we make a modular version of our Guitar Habitat® that can grow up to five 32″ wide sections. This one was recently delivered to a customer in Virginia. It can hold up to 15 guitars. If you need something large, call us.

Lattanze Guitars is a new dealer for Guitar Habitat®

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We’re delighted to announce that Lattanze Guitars in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania is now a dealer for our Guitar Habitat® cabinets. Lattanze Guitars is located about 19 miles from Philadelphia, have a fantastic repair facility, and a number of really interesting instruments, amps and a very cool performance room. The company is owned and operated by luthier Anthony Lattanze and renowned archtop luthier Bill Comins.

If you haven’t been to their store, and you’re in the Philadelphia area, go check them out. Great people, great gear, and a terrific vibe.

Guitar Habitat® is our registered trademark

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We are pleased to announce that Guitar Habitat® is now a registered trade mark of American Music Furniture Company, LLC with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Do you really know what your humidity is?

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Humidistat readings vary a lot. Here is a photo of three humidistats that were all taken in the same room. The wall controller humidistat is part of a good quality 10+ year old room humidifier. The Meade humidistat is a good quality home humidistat, and the Fluke humidistat is an expensive industrial grade humidistat that is very accurate. As you can see from the photo they range from around 34%-49% relative humidity.

The $10 humidistats you get for your guitar case are good to have, but periodically check them against a high quality humidistat. The system we use in our Guitar Habitat™ is accurate to within 2% on the digital controller, or 5% on the analog controller. Either is accurate enough for maintaining proper humidity levels.

First shipment from the new Hilltown-Perkasie, PA facility

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American Music Furniture Company, LLC has begun shipping Guitar Habitat™ cabinets from it’s new facility in Hilltown, PA.  Company owners Roger Horneff, Darrell Jennings and John Farrell are pictured with the first cabinet to ship, a custom 28″ wide cabinet for four guitars for a client in Manhattan.

This dark American walnut cabinet has a flat top, and 1.5 quart humidifier.  Like all Guitar Habitat™ cabinets, this one comes with LED lighting and rheostat, cedar lining, tempered glass, and locking door.


Guitar Habitat™ featured in “Guitar Aficionado Recommends”

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Guitar Aficionado has headlined American Music Furniture in the “Guitar Aficionado Recommends” section of their on-line magazine.  We are delighted to be recommended by one of the most prestigious guitar magazines in the industry.

Guitar Habitat™ featured in Guitar Aficionado Gift Suggestions

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We are delighted to have been featured by Guitar Aficionado in their latest issue.  We are honored to be part of a very select group of products recommended in their “Holiday Gift Guide”.

The Woodstock Luthier’s Invitational Showcase 2014

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We are delighted to again be attending the Woodstock Luthier’s Invitational Showcase on October 25th and 26th.  This is the premiere custom guitar show this year.  You do not want to miss it.   They’ll have:

  • The best luthiers in the world
  • Some incredible live music
  • Amazing guitars
  • Beautiful tone woods
  • Great guitar related products

Come on up to Woodstock and say hi.  We’ll have a Guitar Habitat™, and the now famous 1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Radio Grande along with us.  We hope to see you there.

The Wind Cries Mary….on acoustic

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I often play Little Wing on acoustic…now I’ve got another one to learn.  Beautifully done here by Stefano Barbati.  I do love guitars, and when I hear one played this well it reinvigorates my desire to build cabinets to put them in.  Off to work now…enjoy

John Hartford just got it….

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I spent a lot of years “going to work in tall buildings”.  Glad that now I’m building cabinets to keep guitars, mandolins and fiddles happy and looking good.

It’s my birthday today, so I thought this was the perfect song about how life used to be… and glad to say isn’t any more.

Large Natural Cherry Guitar Habitat™

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We we’ve shipped three large cherry Guitar Habitat™ cabinets this month.  Two were stained and dyed to make them the traditional dark cherry you often see in antique furniture.  The one is in natural cherry, finished with just clear nitrocellulose lacquer with an undercoat of French polish.

Cherry is a really interesting wood.  It’s almost like photo paper.  It starts out nearly white, and the longer you leave it in the sun, the darker it gets.  In a few years, this one will have darkened to a beautiful patina in it’s new home in Colorado.

“Thoughts on the death of a beloved actor” by Rhiannon Giddens

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Rhiannon is one of the great talents of the early 21st century.  Incredible voice, fantastic on banjo and fiddle,  and great selection of songs.  In addition to her work with the Carolina Chocolate Drops, she’s recently been working with T-Bone Burnett.  I look forward to hearing that.

Her comments here are as well said as anything I’ve seen.

“Thoughts upon the death of a beloved actor”

i darkly go where you can’t reach–
the depths of viscous shadow
i curl myself and grit my teeth
of what, it doesn’t matter

i only know i have no claim
of conscious choice, or need
this suffocation has no name
nor patronage, nor creed

it cloaks me in wet company
and when i never know
in suddenness it comes to me
and then it lets me go

it cares not where the surface lies
nor how bright the sun
nor how close the lover’s sighs
it finds me on the run

i yearn to tell you how it is
trapped in this horrid dance
but, love, what makes me saddest is
i’ll never get the chance.


NAMM at Carter Vintage

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We had a great time at Carter Vintage Guitars during NAMM, and got to deliver a new small Guitar Habitat™ set up for guitars and a mandolin for one of their customers.  We just got a few photos from my cousin.  For those that know him, we did ask Roger to take the beer out of his pocket for the photo.

Our small humidified guitar cabinet…with mandolin

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We delivered one of our small cabinets to a customer from Carter Vintage Guitars during the NAMM show a few weeks back.  He was kind enough to send us an email with photos of the new cabinet in place in his home.  This is our most basic cabinet with solid wood sides (in this case black walnut), and no drawers, but the wood is really beautiful, and he’s squeezed in four guitars and a mandolin.

These cabinets are available in walnut or cherry starting at $1,995.   Hand built in solid wood, with a one quart humidifier.  Here’s what the new owner had to say:

“I love this product.  I think it fills a real need in the market and is a great value.  I hope you are very successful.
BTW – I’ve worked in the furniture industry for more than three decades. I really appreciate this kind of product and especially the attention to your customers’ specific needs. It is very refreshing! Keep it up!”

-John, Tennessee

Thanks John.  Glad we could build it for you.

Summer humidity can damage your guitar

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Generally running air conditioning in your home will keep your guitars around 50% relative humidity.  However, If you happen to live where it’s cool enough in the summer that you live with the windows open you can have as much damage from too much humidity as from too little.  In Pennsylvania this morning it was 70 degrees and 80% relative humidity.  At that humidity level guitar tops will swell and ultimately pull the top away from the braces.

If you live in a location with too much humidity, we offer a dehumidifier that will keep your instruments at 50% relative humidity.   It’s a membrane technology that doesn’t require a water tank, so it can operate without you needing to empty a water container.

Carter Vintage Guitars win NAMM best exterior award

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You may have already seen the beautiful murals on the exterior of Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville.  On the south wall they have a 150 foot long Les Paul guitar, and on the north wall, a beautiful painting of Mother Maybelle and her L5.  They are a wonderful dealer for American Music Furniture, and have been invaluable to us with advice and knowledge of the industry.

Congratulations Christie and Walter!

Special on floor model 10 guitar cabinet at Carter Vintage Guitars

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We have a special deal at on one of our big cabinets at Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville. We’ve had a 10 guitar cabinet in Walnut like this one that has been in their “high end” room full of beautiful vintage instruments since last year. We’re making them a new one with our new PAF doors, and cork covered rails and neck rest. This unit has our old style neck pegs and rails covered in brown suede, so it needs to find a home.

So, we and Carter Vintage Guitars are selling this one for a discounted price of $3,995. That’s $1000 off the price of a new cabinet, and you don’t have to wait four months to get one! Contact Christie Carter at Carter Vintage Guitars at (615) 915-1851.

Note, this price doesn’t include shipping, but we’re happy to provide you with a shipping quote, or just drive over to Carter Vintage and pick it up.