Custom Guitar Habitat® humidified guitar cabinet
  1. Darrell Jennings

    3 years ago

    Hi Robert, I sent you an email with some photos a few days ago, but don’t know if you got it. We have photos of mandolins and fiddles with guitars, but so far have not had anyone order a cabinet with all three instruments (though it’s simple enough to build). Feel free to call with any questions 267-272-2460. Thanks, Darrell


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Custom Guitar Habitat® humidified guitar cabinet

We are a custom builder and can accommodate a range of changes and enhancements to our Guitar Habitat® cabinets.  Changes in exterior and interior dimensions, changes in wood, addition of ceramic tiles, stained glass, humidification system, and cabinet appointments are all possible.   Contact us to discuss your requirements and ideas.

Some features available:

  • Antique and exotic woods
  • Up to a 3 gallon humidifier
  • Humidifier connected to home water supplies
  • Custom and third party hanging mechanisms
  • Additional lighting
  • Custom hardware
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Stained glass
  • Glass back/finished on all four sides