Small Guitar Habitat® humidified guitar cabinet
  1. Philip

    10 months ago

    Looking for wood pics or samples for a small cabinet.
    Also , what is the weight?
    Does it ship assembled?

    • Darrell Jennings

      5 months ago

      We show wood samples on the site under Products-Guitar Habitat®. The weight and prices are on the price sheet (you’ll need a computer to view it, not a phone or tablet). They are shipped fully assembled.

    • Darrell Jennings

      5 months ago

      Hi Phil, I sent you an email with attachments for the wood samples and our pricing which includes the weight. Please call with any questions 1-267-272-2460.

  2. Chris Martin

    6 months ago

    I have had the medium cabinet for a few years now. This is a fantastic, well-made product indeed. Now, during the cold and dry northeast winters, my guitars are well cared for. And they are always within easy reach. No worries on vacations anymore either. I couldn’t be happier with the product. Highly recommended.


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3 years ago 9 4 15694

Small Guitar Habitat® humidified guitar cabinet

Small Guitar Habitat® starting at $3,300.00

This is our small cabinet. Depending on the size and positioning of your instruments in the case, it can accommodate 4 guitars.  It’s available for $3,300 without drawers. It’s also available with drawers (as shown in the photo) for $3,900.  Like our larger cabinets, the small Guitar Habitat® can be ordered in cherry, walnut, maple or oak.  Maple and walnut are a 10% up charge, and exotic woods are available as extra cost options.  We build the small cabinets with the same care and attention that we give the big cabinets.

Product Details

$3,300 (32″wide x 63″high X 21″deep) no drawers, with side glass
$3,900 (32″wide x 63″high X 21″deep) with drawers and side glass

• 1.5 quart humidifier
• Tempered glass
• Locking door
• LED lighting
• Optional active dehumidifier