Small Guitar Habitat® humidified guitar cabinet
  1. jay hackney

    3 years ago

    a question for you… what type of humidifier do you use in the small habitat – is see in one of the photos what looks like a sponge type thing in the humidifier – is this a regular maintenance item & if so, how often should it be changed and where do you get the replacement & what does the replacement cost?
    thank you

    • Darrell Jennings

      3 years ago

      Hi Jay, the photos on our Web site are generally of our systems from old humidifier supplier. Effective this month, we’ve changed suppliers for our humidification equipment to Vigilant, Inc. They’ve worked with us to design a custom solution that fits some very specific space and performance requirements for our equipment. The system still uses a “wick” and it should be replaced about once a year. The cost of the replacement wick is $15.

  2. Bart Gobioff

    2 years ago

    Interested in the small cabinet. Would like to discuss. Also need full specs re swing of door to ensure it can fit where I would like to place it.
    Also need to see wood color samples. Lastly what is the humidification range I can achieve with the cabinet?

    Thank you


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Small Guitar Habitat® humidified guitar cabinet

Small Guitar Habitat® starting at $3,300.00

This is our small cabinet. Depending on the size and positioning of your instruments in the case, it can accommodate 4 guitars.  It’s available for $3,300 without drawers. It’s also available with drawers (as shown in the photo) for $3,900.  Like our larger cabinets, the small Guitar Habitat® can be ordered in cherry, walnut, maple or oak.  Maple and walnut are a 10% up charge, and exotic woods are available as extra cost options.  We build the small cabinets with the same care and attention that we give the big cabinets.

Product Details

$3,300 (32″wide x 63″high X 21″deep) no drawers, with side glass
$3,900 (32″wide x 63″high X 21″deep) with drawers and side glass

• 1.5 quart humidifier
• Tempered glass
• Locking door
• LED lighting
• Optional active dehumidifier