Large Guitar Habitat® humidified guitar cabinet
  1. Dale Burson

    1 year ago

    Love the cabinet, I’m sure I will order one in the near future. I live in the Texas Panhandle where our humidity averages around 10%, which makes owning fine guitars problematic, I’m thinking your cabinet could be a huge help. Thanks. Dale

  2. Bruno Mammone

    5 months ago

    Would like information on guitar habitat

    • Darrell Jennings

      5 months ago

      Hi I sent you an email, but we can send a catalog or discuss any questions you have on the phone.


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3 years ago 1 3 22018

Large Guitar Habitat® humidified guitar cabinet

Large Guitar Habitat® $5,750.00

When you have a large collection, you need a cabinet that can accommodate all your instruments. Our largest individual cabinet is the large 63″ wide Guitar Habitat®.  Depending on the size and type of instruments, and how you position them in the cabinet, this cabinet can hold up to ten guitars.  It’s also great for having one or two featured instruments facing out, while four or five other instruments go in on their sides for storage.

As our largest single cabinet, it comes standard with two large drawers, two of our Patent Applied For (PAF) cabinet doors with keyed lock, tempered side glass, LED lighting and a one gallon humidifier. The large Guitar Habitat® measures 63″ high, 63″ wide, and 21″ deep. This cabinet is available in cherry, oak, black walnut or maple.  Walnut and maple are a 10% up charge, and exotic woods are available at extra cost.

Key features include:

  • Your choice of solid American Black Walnut, Cherry, Oak or Maple construction
  • One gallon humidifier
  • Tempered glass on doors and side windows
  • Two large drawers
  • Two locking doors
  • Cedar lined back and floor
  • LED lighting
  • Optional dehumidification system