A new dealer in Seattle: Emerald City Guitars

May 5th, 2018

Emerald City Guitars was established in 1996 by Jay Boone of Seattle who had previously worked and managed various major guitar stores in the downtown Seattle area. His  goal was to establish the most respected and complete used and vintage guitar shop in the northwest. Emerald City Guitars has been established as a nationally acclaimed vintage shop that caters to major artists and high profile collectors from around the world.  We’re delighted to be partnering with Jay and Trevor Boone and the team at Emerald City Guitars to offer American Music Furniture products in the North West.

This is our first dealer on the West coast, and we’re setting Emerald City up with quite a cabinet for their display.  On May 14th we’ll be delivering a three piece modular in stained cherry with Superior Interior and enhanced lighting.  Stop by and see the beautiful cabinet and find out how you can get the best humidification and display options for your guitar collection.