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When you receive your Guitar Habitat®, String Habitat® or Guitar Estate™ cabinets they are fully assembled and ready for use. You only need to plug them in, set the humidity level and lighting. American Music Furniture cabinets rarely need professional service. A few tips:

  • Only use distilled water in your humidifier.
  • If you have an auto-fill humidifier have a professional plumber install the water line to the cabinet and filter the water with a reverse osmosis filter. Make sure that the water pressure is no more than 45 PSI.
  • Only put water in the humidifier during months when the humidity is low. This may vary depending on your location, but if it is humid during the summer months you need to empty the humidifier.
  • Cabinet care is best done with a dry cloth. Do not use spray dusting or cleaning products with silicon as they will cause problems with any future finish repair that may be needed.
  • Your cabinet is warranted for the life of the cabinet against warping or cracking. Should your cabinet need repair, please contact us for service. Please note that some fading or darkening of wood (depending on the species) is normal and is not covered by warranty.
  • No glass can fully protect your instruments from fading in strong sun. LowE glass filters UV rays, but sunlight outside the UV spectrum will get through and will ultimately fade your instruments. We recommend that you avoid constant direct sunlight.
  • All electronic components are warranted for two years from purchase. If your system is within warranty, we’ll provide a replacement at no charge. If your system is out of warranty we can provide a quote for any of the electronic components.

Contact us at 1(267)272-2460 for any care questions, or to schedule a warranty repair.  You can also email us at