Neck rest & interior appointments

Standard Interior

Our Standard Interior includes a hand crafted neck rest in wood that matches your cabinet wood selection. Each neck rest opening is lined with natural cork to avoid any damage to the finish of your guitar. Matching wood rails topped with cork are located in the bottom of the cabinet. These are adjustable so that you can move them closer together or further apart depending on the types of instruments you are displaying, and the positioning you prefer for the instruments in the cabinet. A matching wooden cover goes vertically down the center of the cabinet, with a matching “hatch cover” over the humidifier compartment.

Our standard back woods are aromatic red cedar, or Spanish cedar. The red cedar has the familiar cedar smell. The Spanish cedar doesn’t have a smell, and is what is traditionally used in cigar humidors.

Superior Interior

Our Superior Interior adds the beauty of figured maple or walnut to your Guitar Habitat® or Guitar Estate™. The Superior Interior includes:

  • Three piece Neck-Tie™ with a flame maple or figured walnut top and bottom with contrasting wood in the center.
  • Invisible magnetic lock for the Neck-Tie™
  • Flame maple or figured walnut center column and humidifier hatch cover with contrasting “bullnose” molding
  • Figured maple or walnut guitar “rails” with contrasting woods for the guitars to rest on.

With cherry cabinets, we recommend using sapele as the contrasting wood since it blends well with the look of cherry and provides a bit more contrast with the maple.