About Us

Premier Humidification Solutions for Instruments
American Music Furniture team

American Music Furniture Company was founded by musicians for musicians. We take the same care in building your furniture that you expect when buying a fine instrument. Our products are constructed with hand selected hard woods like American black walnut, cherry, sapele, oak and maple. We have access to an incredible array of straight grained as well as highly figured woods. Our humidified cabinets are lined in your choice of aromatic cedar, Spanish cedar, or optional hardwoods like maple, walnut or cherry. We use safety glass in our cabinets including tempered glass, and on some pieces laminated glass. We offer Low E tempered glass as an option.

All our products are hand made, and carefully finished for the kind of quality that used to be available from American furniture manufacturers more than 50 years ago. The latest technology for humidifying and dehumidifying your instruments is coupled with our high quality construction, for the ultimate in guitar storage, humidification and display. We believe that if your guitars, mandolins and other stringed instruments are in reach instead of in a case, they will be played more often, and that’s what you bought them for.

We have many years of experience with furniture and music. We look forward to providing you with the best furniture for your home or commercial studio.

Darrell Jennings, Roger Horneff and John Farrell