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Cigar/Guitar Cabinet

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This unique cigar humidor / humidified guitar storage cabinet has two separate humidifiers and humidification zones. The cigar section has its own one gallon humidifier with shelves and drawers for cigar storage. It is separated from the guitar section by a wood framed tempered glass pane that is well sealed. The guitar section has a duplicate one gallon humidifier. Typically the cigar section is maintained at 70% relative humidity and the guitar section at 45% relative humidity. The cabinet is lined in Spanish cedar rather than aromatic cedar that would have affected the flavor of the cigars. We can build custom cigar storage sections in most of our Guitar Habitat® cabinets.

Custom orders: After we have had phone and/or email conversations about your project we’ll prepare one or more drawings of your proposed solution. We charge a $500 fee for the design and electronic drawings. This fee is refunded if you place an order for the custom piece.

Additional information

Humidified guitar storage

Dedicated humidifier and controller for the guitar storage/display portion of the cabinet allowing you to maintain a consistent 45% relative humidity during the dry winter months.

Humidified cigar storage

Dedicated humidifier and controller for the cigar storage. This is a separate humidifier and controller in a sealed area of the cabinet allowing you to maintain a consistent 70% relative humidity for your cigars.


300 pounds


21.5 x 63 x 63 in.

Approximate number of instruments

4 to 6


Included in base. Custom drawers and shelves included for the cigar section

Tempered glass in doors(s) and on sides


LED lighting with rheostat


Two one gallon active humidifiers and controllers

Separate one gallon humidifiers and controllers for the guitar and cigar sections with glass partition sealing each humidity zone.

Locking doors

Three locking doors included

Cork lined neck rest and cork topped bout rests


Solid hardwood construction in natural cherry or oak

Included, other woods and finishes are available at an additional charge

Choice of hardware


Spanish cedar lining



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