Guitar Habitat® for C.F. Martin & Co.

Tested & Approved.

At American Music Furniture we pride ourselves on preserving and protecting your instruments. That is why we’ve tested the leather, the cork, and other parts of our cabinet to ensure that your guitar’s finish stays intact.

When you use one of our Guitar Habitat® cabinets you can rest assured that your prized guitar will remain safe and protected.

Custom Inlay & Lighting.

Each Guitar Habitat® can be adorned with a mother of pearl custom logo inlay. To further enhance the beauty of your Guitar Habitat®, outfit the inlay with a custom backlit LED panel.

Perfectly showcase your guitar by use of the positionable overhead LED lights and the lower accent LEDs.

Custom C.F. Martin & Co. LED Backlit In-Lay

Purposefully Built

From the handpicked walnut exterior to the wood grain alignment to account for expansion and contraction, to the universally positionable Hyla guitar hanger, we’ve taken the utmost care and thought into the design of these Guitar Habitat® cabinets for C.F. Martin. American Music Furniture leaves nothing to chance and C.F. Martin & Co. knows that. Just like your guitars, each Guitar Habitat® is built with love, care, and trust.

Walnut wood
Maple wood

We’ve partnered with C.F. Martin & Co. to provide the perfect complement to your guitars. C.F. Martin & Co. is tantamount to trust, hard work, and passion. They have entrusted us to provide the absolute best solution for preserving and protecting their handcrafted guitars. Built with purpose, each Guitar Habitat® provides a humidified home for your guitar that will allow you to hand down your beloved instrument from generation to generation.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is all that is required to purchase this product. The remaining 50% + any shipping & handling fees will be invoiced to you prior to scheduling delivery. All orders are made in the order that they are received. Current lead times are approximately 6 to 8 months but may vary due to the handmade nature of this product.

Hinge Side

Humidification System

Logo Option

Number of Instruments