Medium Guitar Habitat®

  • Neck Rest

    Our cork-lined standard neck rest option provides the perfect place to safely rest and support your guitar necks. For added security choose our patented Neck-Tie™ Neck Rest (far left). In addition to the cork-lined opening, our patented design offers peace of mind from any accidental falls.

    Patented Neck-Tie™ Neck Rest
    Standard Neck Rest

    The Medium Guitar Habitat® is perfect for those who have up to six stringed instruments. Our Medium Guitar Habitat® comes equipped with a standard neck rest (up to 6 spaces), clear tempered glass, a 1 gallon humidifier system, patented Horneff non-warp doors, door lock, analog humidity controller, standard lighting, and a gallery top. This model is perfect for those growing their collection of handcrafted string instruments or those who want to showcase the best of their collection.

    A non-refundable 50% deposit is all that is required to purchase this product. The remaining 50% + any shipping & handling fees will be invoiced to you prior to scheduling delivery. All orders are made in the order that they are received. Current lead times are approximately 6 to 8 months but may vary due to the handmade nature of this product.

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Exterior Wood  

Cherry wood Cherry Maple wood Maple (+$800) Oak wood Oak (+$1,230) Walnut wood Walnut (+$2,050) Black Ash (textured) (+$1,500)

Interior Wood  

Black Maple wood Maple Walnut wood Walnut

Hinge Side

Number of Instruments

Neck Rest

Humidification System

Pay a 50% deposit per item