Modular‑2 Guitar Estate™️

  • Lighting

    Each of our cab­i­nets comes equipped with our stan­dard LED light­ing and rheo­stat dim­mer switch. Our Enhanced Light­ing™ pack­age pro­vides addi­tion­al LED light­ing under­neath the neck rest and below the door frame to fur­ther show­case the beau­ty of your guitars.

    Neck Rest

    Our cork-lined stan­dard neck rest option pro­vides the per­fect place to safe­ly rest and sup­port your gui­tar necks. For added secu­ri­ty choose our patent­ed Neck-Tie™ Neck Rest (far left). In addi­tion to the cork-lined open­ing, our patent­ed design offers peace of mind from any acci­den­tal falls.

    Interior Design

    Clean lines and min­i­mal­ist design can be seen in each of the cab­i­nets out­fit­ted with our stan­dard inte­ri­or. Choose our Supe­ri­or Inte­ri­or™ for added lux­u­ry and aes­thet­ic which boasts fig­ured hard­woods and con­trast­ing bull­nose trim.

    The mod­u­lar Gui­tar Estate™ mod­el is designed to allow you to place a large capac­i­ty Gui­tar Estate™ cab­i­net in rooms that are hard to access due to stairs or nar­row hall­ways. Each mod­u­lar cab­i­net sec­tion can accom­mo­date three to five gui­tars per sec­tion and come in 32″ or option­al 40″ sec­tions. The mod­u­lar Gui­tar Estate™ cab­i­net comes stan­dard in nat­ur­al cher­ry with a one-gal­lon humid­i­fi­er, ana­log con­troller, lock­ing door, LED light­ing, and draw­ers. The one-gal­lon man­u­al fill humid­i­fi­er needs to be refilled approx­i­mate­ly every six weeks depend­ing on how often you open the doors and the ambi­ent humid­i­ty in the room.

    A non-refund­able 50% deposit is all that is required to pur­chase this prod­uct. The remain­ing 50% + any ship­ping & han­dling fees will be invoiced to you pri­or to sched­ul­ing deliv­ery. All orders are made in the order that they are received. Cur­rent lead times are approx­i­mate­ly 6 to 8 months but may vary due to the hand­made nature of this product.

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Exterior Wood  

Cherry wood Cherry Maple wood Maple (+$1,400) Oak wood Oak (+$1,400) Walnut wood Walnut (+$3,500)

Interior Wood  

Cedar (Spanish) wood Cedar (Spanish) Maple wood Maple Walnut wood Walnut

Number of Instruments

Cabinet Size


Neck Rest

Interior Design

Humidification System

Bottom Compartment - Door Style

Bottom Compartment - Left Side

Bottom Compartment - Right Side

Pay a 50% deposit per item