Allman Brothers Band Guitar Habitat®

  • Custom Inlay

    Each Allman Brothers Band Guitar Habitat® is adorned with a custom mother of pearl inlay which is exclusively available only at American Music Furniture.

    Humidification System

    In addition to being the perfect display case for your favorite guitar, we offer our active humidification system to help preserve and protect your instrument. Our 1.5 Quart digital humidification module reads the internal levels of your cabinet and provides the perfect humidity concentration of approximately 45%. Keep your instruments tuned and protected with one of our proprietary humidifiers.

    Handcrafted Universal Guitar Hanger

    When hanging your guitar the unique design of our guitar hanger accommodates varying shapes of headstocks by automatically rotating to find the best homeostatic position by use of gravity. Each hanger is designed and made from a single piece of solid wood and is embellished with metal standoffs, full-grain leather sleeves, and brass finials. It is the perfect complement to your collection.


    Each of our display cabinets comes equipped with our standard LED lighting and touch-sensitive dimmer switch. The repositionable overhead LED lighting above the guitar hanger provides perfect illumination of your guitar’s headstock while the base LED lighting accents the details of your guitar’s body.

    We’ve partnered with The Allman Brothers Museum at The Big House in Macon, Georgia to create this unique humidified guitar case. Each humidified guitar cabinet includes solid walnut construction, a 1.5‑quart digital humidifier, mirrored back, LED lights, and a beautiful Allman Brothers Band inlay in the cabinet face.

    The cabinets are available in two sizes. The larger cabinet can hold two guitars, the smaller cabinet can hold one. The cabinet we are installing at the museum is the two guitar version and is built with a unique quilted American Black Walnut. We have a very limited supply of the quilted walnut and will make it available as an upgrade until our supply is exhausted.

    A portion of the proceeds of each sale of each of these cabinets will go to support the Allman Brothers Museum at the Big House.

    All products are built to order, the current lead time for a Nashville is approximately 6 to 8 weeks but may vary due to the handmade nature of this product. Any shipping & handling fees will be invoiced to you prior to scheduling the delivery. 

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