Special on floor model 10 guitar cabinet at Carter Vintage Guitars

July 2nd, 2014

We have a special deal at on one of our big cabinets at Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville. We’ve had a 10 guitar cabinet in Walnut like this one that has been in their “high end” room full of beautiful vintage instruments since last year. We’re making them a new one with our new PAF doors, and cork covered rails and neck rest. This unit has our old style neck pegs and rails covered in brown suede, so it needs to find a home.

So, we and Carter Vintage Guitars are selling this one for a discounted price of $3,995. That’s $1000 off the price of a new cabinet, and you don’t have to wait four months to get one! Contact Christie Carter at Carter Vintage Guitars at (615) 915-1851.

Note, this price doesn’t include shipping, but we’re happy to provide you with a shipping quote, or just drive over to Carter Vintage and pick it up.