Darrell Jennings

September 11th, 2017

Darrell has more than 30 years experience leading technology organizations. His musical experience consists of over 50 years playing a variety of stringed instruments. He is passionate about vintage instruments and has worked with luthiers to restore vintage guitars for his own collection, as well as for other collectors and professional musicians.

A native Texan, Darrell moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1998 and experienced first hand the damage that can be caused by low humidity, when the tops of two custom guitars in his collection cracked the first winter. After trying a variety of humidification systems, it was obvious that great guitars needed an environment that reliably maintained 45-50% relative humidity year round, while allowing a sizable collection of instruments to be easily accessible to get played often. Room size and guitar case solutions had significant issues and risks.

In 2013 Darrell and Roger Horneff founded American Music Furniture with a focus on building humidified and dehumidified cabinets for displaying musical instruments. John Farrell became a partner the following year.  Every case is hand made by American Music Furniture in our shop in Perkasie, Pennsylvania  of solid wood, and finished with the same materials and quality that collectors of vintage instruments would want to compliment their collections.