“Finest guitar display cases made on Earth!”

These are the finest guitar display cases made on Earth! We are honored to be working with the gang at American Music Furniture Company LLC.

Richard Brent

Director of the Allman Brothers Museum at the Big House, Macon, GA

Wonderful guitar cabinet.

The cabinet is awesome. Well made.  These cabinets are totally worth the money. My guitars are well cared for during the winter. Practically maintenance free.
Chris M,  NY

I’m simply thrilled with it-I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!

I remember when my Grandmother bought me my first Les Paul Custom at the age of 16… I can wholeheartedly say that I was no more thrilled then than I am now, having just received my new handcrafted Guitar Habitat!!! The construction is flawless, the design very tasteful, and I’m simply thrilled with it-I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!

I’m loving it.

I’m loving it. I’m very happy that I decided to go with the reclaimed wood as it makes this cabinet unique (and very beautiful). It’s pretty great to have such easy access to my guitars and also be able to enjoy their beauty by having them on display…definitely not missing having them in their cases. I’m very happy with the purchase and it was definitely worth the wait.

-Hunter B., Utah

I love it, and my guitars love it!

I just wanted to let all of you know how pleased I am with my Habitat. I love it, and my guitars love it! The workmanship is so beautiful and it’s doing it’s job. The humidity has been sky high here, but the humidity in the cabinet had been steady at 45-50% when the room humidity was 60-70% or higher. I’m so glad that I splurged on the dehumidifier. Worth every penny!

It was a pleasure working with you. I got just what I wanted. What could be better? Beauty and function!

Thank you so much!

Anne F. , OH

“It brings me joy every time I come into my office”

“It brings me joy every time I come into my office.  I know sometimes it must feel like you are making cabinets everyday. Just cabinets.  But, I would argue that you’re doing much more than that.”

- Johnny G., North Carolina

All I can say is WOW!

All I can say is wow. They look AMAZING! Gorgeous work, gentlemen. Thank you so much, and please extend my thanks to everybody involved.
I can’t wait to get home and get my guitars into these beautiful display cabinets!

- Frank D., California

Every guitar player wants to move in my house!!!

“Your cabinet was worth the wait to get it. Every mortal who have seen it is impressed, and every guitar player who has seen it wants to move into my house.”

- Jerel R., Leawood, KS

Even my wife understands!!!

“This guitar habitat is so impressive even my wife understands!!! It’s a pleasure napping on the couch while staring at the guitars with the lights on and then waking up and seeing it again….. awesome!”

- Michael A., Michigan

My wife LOVES LOVES the cabinet!

“My wife LOVES LOVES the cabinet! She said it makes her like the room more.”

- Dave D., Pennsylvania

I could not be happier!

“I could not be happier! I love the unit. It’s absolutely gorgeous and exceeded my expectations. The upgrades (glass and humidifier) certainly made the wait well worth it. I really appreciate the professional installation as well. I know it was not easy to get it up the stairs and down the hall so again, thanks for the extra effort and care. ”

- Rick A., Connecticut

Truly Museum Quality


You and your team are truly gifted craftsmen !!!

I still can’t get over the quality, beauty and engineering !!!

It is Truly “ Museum Quality “ !!!

I’m also impressed with your customer service.

You and your team have great service that shows you care about your product and the customer’s satisfaction. “

- Donovan W. NYC

The importance of humidity control

“Only two things can truly bring out the best tonal qualities of high end guitars made of fine woods. 1) Age, as the wood ages the molecular bonds solidify giving a smoother flow of vibrations throughout the instrument. 2) Proper balance of moisture in the fine woods. Too much moisture in the fine woods and the sound becomes muddy and bogged down. Too little moisture and the fine woods are unable to carry vibrations throughout the body of the whole instrument.”

- Richard R., Florida: posted on our Facebook page

He loves it!

“The cabinet is safe and very beautiful! He loves it!”

- Amy, Illinois (who bought it as a gift for her husband)

Saw the guitar case….very happy!

“Got home. Saw guitar case. Very happy. Thanks a million!”

- Rich, Montana

I love this product

“I love this product. I think it fills a real need in the market and is a great value. I hope you are very successful.

BTW – I’ve worked in the furniture industry for more than three decades. I really appreciate this kind of product and especially the attention to your customers’ specific needs. It is very refreshing! Keep it up!”

- John, Tennessee

This is how it should be done

“What a beautiful way to display these beautiful instruments! This is how it should be done.”

- John, Georgia

Looking forward to protecting my guitars

“I just confirmed my order for a small walnut cabinet yesterday. I appreciate Christie Carter at Carter’s Vintage Guitars’ in Nashville for assisting me. I’m really looking forward to protecting my guitars in the beautiful new home.”

- John, Tennessee

Made By And For Fellow Guitarists

“It is SO much easier (and much more fun) discussing the design questions/ideas with a guitarist/musician — you get the reasons for ideas and/or requests right away!! (I tried similar suggestions with another company and they clearly didn’t “get it”at all -(Neither the reasons nor the importance of the things you and I discussed.) You got what was driving a request right away! And you are interested!

Knowing the importance (and rationale) will result in better products. (BTW, you also know when not to try something – including when something won’t work). This makes your company’s products AND service compelling.”

- JP, California

Awesome Cabinet!!

“I returned home from our 3 week trip to find constant 50% humidity, through some of the coldest weather N.E. has had in recent memory. It’s now over 3 weeks and I still see 1 1/2″ of water in the humidifier pan–could have stayed away another couple weeks! Guitars appear and sound very happy, and are definitely glad to be seen rather then cased up for a month. Without a doubt, this was an excellent investment for my instruments and playing. Thanks much!”

- Ken, Rhode Island