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American Music Furniture is a Pennsylvania-based design and manufacturing company producing handcrafted humidity-controlled instrument displays, and one-of-a-kind storage solutions.

We as a company aspire to

Provide a specialized design service that addresses the distinctive needs of musicians while accommodating their gear.

Foster a deeper bond between musicians and their beloved instruments.

Preserve the beauty and sound of your finely crafted instruments while elegantly displaying them.

For every custom project, our designer works with each client on a personal basis to establish intention and bring concepts to fruition. We offer a unique catered experience for our clients from start to completion. Together, we are a small collective of skilled woodworkers, artists, and musicians who collaborate alongside one another to produce high-quality bespoke furniture.

“Experiential spaces reserved for musicians.”

mid century modern music room interior design furniture by american music furniture
Matt Warner American Music Furniture playing Gretsch custom shop white falcon

Matt Warner

Co-Owner | Designer

Matt began his career as a musician, writing music and touring for over 10 years. After taking a break from the band, he began a new chapter in life, studying the art of traditional woodworking from the masters. He soon came to realize creating music and creating works of furniture as art are paralleled, they are both derived from the same mindset, the techniques are just a little bit different. Passion is the driving force behind everything, the marriage between the two worlds came naturally. His designs are met with the intent to create high-design experiential living spaces that are also functional for musicians to thrive in.

darrell jennings american music furniture founder playing kent everett guitar

Darrell Jennings


What began as a jam session between two brothers, ended in an idea to build a brand based on functional designs that cater to the lifestyle of a musician. As a musician and avid collector of vintage and luthier-made guitars for many years, Darrell has come to understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of finely crafted instruments within humidity-controlled environments. Over the years, he has developed strong relationships with many notable luthiers and musicians who trust Darrell’s vast knowledge of guitars and preservation that this company was founded on.

Rich Lesmeister American Music Furniture

Rich Lesmeister

Sales & Marketing

Rich’s background is steeped in a passion for music making and creative writing, always reaching for an instrument or searching for the sound via new gear when the moment allows for it. In doing so, he fuses his sales and marketing experience with a serious love for guitars. Working closely with musicians, designers, and others alike, his vast knowledge of music gear and instrument preservation ensures that your experience with our furniture is personal and tailor-fit to your gear collection, inspiring you to play your guitars more often.

Erin McGrath American Music Furniture

Erin McGrath

Art Director

Erin has valuable experience stemming from her immersion in Philadelphia’s dynamic art and underground music scene during her academic years. Her distinctive viewpoint is influenced by a deep passion for precision, balance, and creating immersive spaces. Outside of her creative pursuits, Erin finds solace in the outdoors and takes delight in the company of her beloved ducks.

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