AMF Mandolin Inserts

  • How to use our AMF Small Instrument Inserts

    To install your insert, carefully remove the compression ring and slide the bottom of your insert through the top of your neck rest or Neck-Tie™. Replace the compression ring on the bottom portion of your insert. Align the openings with your neck rest and place your mandolin or other small string instrument into the insert. Rotate the entire insert to right or left (as shown here).

    Our meticulously crafted and handmade small instrument inserts are the perfect accessory to add to your Guitar Habitat®, Guitar Estate™, or AMF Guitar Stands.

    Each insert fits the slotted opening of your standard neck rests or Neck-Tie™ neck rest and provides the perfect place for your mandolins, ukuleles, fiddles, or other small string instruments. The small instrument inserts are lined with natural cork and are equipped with a wooden compression ring to provide a secure home for your instruments.

    Due to the handmade nature of this product and current demand, there may be a 2 – 3 week lead time prior to receiving your insert.

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