AMF Mandolin Inserts

  • How to use our AMF Small Instrument Inserts

    To install your insert, care­ful­ly remove the com­pres­sion ring and slide the bot­tom of your insert through the top of your neck rest or Neck-Tie™. Replace the com­pres­sion ring on the bot­tom por­tion of your insert. Align the open­ings with your neck rest and place your man­dolin or oth­er small string instru­ment into the insert. Rotate the entire insert to right or left (as shown here).

    Our metic­u­lous­ly craft­ed and hand­made small instru­ment inserts are the per­fect acces­so­ry to add to your Gui­tar Habi­tat®, Gui­tar Estate™, or AMF Gui­tar Stands.

    Each insert fits the slot­ted open­ing of your stan­dard neck rests or Neck-Tie™ neck rest and pro­vides the per­fect place for your man­dolins, ukule­les, fid­dles, or oth­er small string instru­ments. The small instru­ment inserts are lined with nat­ur­al cork and are equipped with a wood­en com­pres­sion ring to pro­vide a secure home for your instruments.

    Due to the hand­made nature of this prod­uct and cur­rent demand, there may be a 2 – 3 week lead time pri­or to receiv­ing your insert.

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Wood Species  

Cherry wood Cherry Maple wood Maple Maple (Flamed) wood Maple (Flamed) Oak wood Oak Walnut wood Walnut